Number Unblocking

unblock numbersUnblock blocked calls with TrapCall and reveal the callers real number. The world's only Caller ID unmasking service. Nothing can hide from TrapCall's number unblocking.

Blacklisting Unwanted Callers

blacklist numbersStop unwanted callers from getting through to your phone and make them think your number has been disconnected. Blacklisted numbers hear a message telling them your phone number has been disconnected.

Record Incoming Phone Calls

incoming call recording TrapCall is the first and ONLY mobile app that enables you to record your incoming phone calls without the need for a second phone number. Keep a record of all your calls and play them back from the app or the website.

Voicemails As Text Messages

voicemail transcriptionsGet your voicemails sent to your phone as text messages or emails so you don't have to listen to long drawn out messages from people. Read your voicemails anywhere, whether it's a loud, busy area or a meeting.

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